Vital Greens – The World’s Best Superfood

In the year 2000, two neuropaths from Sydney, Australia, noticed that their patients were suffering from chronic stomach, bowel, and digestive issues. They were taking medication but their bodies were not absorbing the tablets nor were they getting the proper nutrients from their food. So, Doctors Stephen Sprada and Shane Sullivan began looking for a more effective medication. They began researching different formulas until they could find one that was most beneficial.

They created a product, which they called Vital Greens. They marketed Vital Greens as an all-in-one, superior, multi-nutrient supplement. They also used the information they gained from their research to better educate their patients. They provided training on overall wellness, nutrition, and alternate therapies. Vital Greens would become a regular part of their patients’ routines in order to better manage their digestive issues.

Vital Greens is special because it can be absorbed by the body, which is not true for many other supplements. It also contains all the nutrients that the body needs. It is extracted from fruits and vegetables, and contains probiotics, prebiotics, and essential vitamins and minerals. The results of its usage was so positive that by 2011, Sprada and Sullivan could no longer keep up with the demand for Vital Greens. That was the year in which the company was acquired by Martin and Pleasance PTY LTD. They continued the company’s earlier commitment to provide innovative, high quality products that would be integral to the health industry with vital greens

Though Vital Greens continues to be the main product, the company has added some additional supplements to the product line. Sales of Vital Greens remains popular. There are now memberships and subscriptions available that allow customers to receive regular monthly shipments. This is the best way to guarantee that you will always make the Vital Greens superfood one of the basics on your road to good health.

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